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Weeds and fungi invade lush, uniform lawns and spread rapidly to create patches of unbalanced texture and coloring. Once weeds and fungi take root in a residential or commercial property, they can easily begin to devalue the entire property. Stubborn weeds and fungi leave residential and commercial properties looking sloppy, patchy, and negligent. While pesky weeds and fungi wreak havoc on your lawn and give property owners a headache, other pests can be even more difficult to evict.

Pests can ravage a property, diminishing the quality of the vegetation as well as the enjoyablility of the landscape. While pests can be annoying and overbearing, some pests may bring danger or cause great damage. Pests may carry deadly diseases, cause allergic reactions, or damage structures on the property. Removal of terrible pests may be a tricky feat, and many residential and commercial property owners do not have the time to dedicate to pest removal.

A & A Landscaping Services understands that weed control, fungi control, and pest control can be frustrating for residential and commercial property owners. Our expert landscapers dedicate the time necessary to remove current weeds and fungi while taking measures to prevent the spread of future weeds, disease, and fungi. Professionals at A & A Landscaping Services commit time to rid residential and commercial properties of pests. A & A Landscaping Services provides superior weed and pest services to keep residential and commercial properties pest-free, beautiful, and healthy year-round. 



Weeds can greatly lower the value of your residential or commercial lawn. The three types of weeds that invade residential and commercial properties include:

  • Annual Types: have the lifespan of one year and spread by seed

  • Biennial Types: have a two year lifespan where they form rosettes int he first year then flower and seed in the second year

  • Perennial Types: have a greater longevity, return year after year, and have long tap roots in addition to seeds (most difficult to control)

A & A Landscaping Services employs numerous tactics to rid residential and commercial properties of troublesome weeds. Our professional landscapers rid lawns and beds of weeds by implementing:

  • Cultural Weed Control: Landscapers create thick, lucious lawns so densely packed that weeds cannot invade the property. In garden beds, our professionals apply mulch around the plants. Eliminating open space prevents weed implantation and growth.

  • Mechanical Weed Control: A & A Landscaping Services controls weed growth by pulling, hoeing, digging, and mowing weeds. 

  • Chemical Weed Control: Expert landscapers at A & A Landscaping Services can expertly apply herbicides and fungicides to eliminate and prevent stubborn weeds and fungi ruling residential and commercial lawns.

At A & A Landscaping Services, our professional landscapers can recommend and employ strategies to remove and prevent weeds from infiltrating residential and commercial garden beds and lawns. Our landscaping experts efficiently remove stress from residential and commercial property owners by fighting and eradicating frustrating weeds. A & A Landscaping Service's superior weed control services keep lawns and garden beds looking clean, tidy, and beautiful through all of Georgia's seasons.


Pests can annoy property owners as well as guests and potential clients. Common yard pests in Georgia include: aphids, mites, ants, boxelder bugs, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, crickets, fleas, silverfish, spiders, clover mites, pillbugs, and ticks. At A & A Landscaping Services, our professionals understand the frustration that residential and commercial property owners feel when trying to combat lawn pests. Expert landscapers at A & A Landscaping Services take the pressure off property owners by eradicating lawn pests that devalue the property as a whole.

At A & A Landscaping Services, we care about every client, and we offer only the best pest removal and prevention services. Our professional landscapers commit to delivering residential and commercial property pest removal services with expertise and excellence. A & A Landscaping Services dedicates time and concentration to combat pests wreaking havoc on residential and commercial property. With the proper chemicals, our professionals make properties safe, enjoyable, and pest-free once again.



Fungus growing on your property can create unwanted color and texture, and some types of fungi can be poisonous. Professional landscapers at A & A Landscaping Services know the best tactics to eliminate unwanted fungus on a residential or commercial property. Our fungus control services safely and efficiently remove fungus to create healthier, more beautiful lawns. 

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