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First impressions are everything. When visiting a friend, relative, or a new business, people first notice what's on the outside of the establishment - the land. The landscaping of a residential or commercial property speaks volumes of the resident or the business as a whole. A messy lawn can leave a bad impression on future guests, and an unkempt property can leave a negative impact on a business's reputation.


Landscaping designs and services ultimately shape the land to look clean, tidy, and professional. A thoughtful landscaping design immediately creates curb appeal and conveys the image of a clean, detail-oriented, organized resident or business. A & A Landscaping Services understands that most residents and businesses have busy schedules, and most individuals do not have the necessary time to create a beautiful landscape or maintain their land. Therefore, A & A Landscaping Service's professional landscapers design and maintain beautiful lawns to make any guest or client feel welcomed to your home or establishment. 


A & A Landscaping Services employs highly-trained professional landscapers dedicated to maintaining lush, green, beautiful lawns. Our lawn maintenance services keep lawns looking tight and clean year-round. Armed with an impressive fleet of professional grade lawn tractors and lawn mowers, A & A Landscaping Services is equipped to handle both large and small-scale projects.

At A & A Landscaping Services, our professionals approach each lawn with the same care and dedication as their own lawns. We believe in providing reliable, high quality mowing, edging, and blowing lawn maintenance services to keep homes and businesses in the Metro Atlanta area in peak condition year-round. We pride ourselves on our dependability and consistency. A job completed by A & A Landscaping Services is a job completed with the highest standards and every client in mind.

Large Lawn


Over time, soil compacts and settles, and even the prettiest lawns can develop thatch and patchy areas. The process of aerating and seeding a lawn provides a lawn some much-needed TLC at the end of a hot Georgia summer. Completing the aerating and seeding process ensures a beautiful lawn when Spring begins to blossom.


Soil naturally settles over time, and areas of high foot traffic only increase the soil compaction rate. When soil compacts, the density decreases the amount of air, water, and nutrients that can reach the grass roots. The compact soil causes grass roots to adapt by moving shallower to soak up the necessary elements and nutrients. For deeper grass roots and a more drought-resistant lawn, aeration perforates the soil and allows air, water, and nutrients to reach deeper grass roots.

A & A Landscaping Services utilizes high-quality lawn aeration equipment that correctly penetrates soil without increasing the risk of compaction. When correctly aerated, a lawn will have improved fertilizer uptake, reduced water runoff and puddling, deeper and stronger roots, as well as enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance. Our professionals understand the importance of a proper aeration technique. At A & A Landscaping Services, we pride ourselves on our professional technique and superior lawn aeration services. 


After a scorching summer in Georgia, lawns may appear dry, brown, and patchy. Patches in your residential or commercial property's lawn can greatly decrease the overall curb appeal. Seeding your lawn introduces new grass varieties resistant to diseases and insects and also creates a healthier, thicker, and greener lawn when Spring comes.

Our landscaping professionals at A & A Landscaping Services can expertly recommend grass types and varieties to disperse. A & A Landscaping Services has extensive knowledge and experience in implementing the lawn seeding process. Professional landscapers at A & A Landscaping Services have helped residential and commercial property owners achieve their dream lawns for over thirty years. 



Professionals at A & A Landscaping Services understand the importance of pruning to keep your residential or commercial property looking tidy year-round. Pruning services increase the lifespan, improve the appearance, increase the growth, and improve the structure of trees and shrubs on your property. In addition to improving plant health, pruning services also help maintain the aesthetics of trees and shrubs on your land.  

At A & A Landscaping Services, our professional landscapers provide superior landscaping and lawn care services dedicated to keeping your property looking stunning. Our professionals know the different varieties of trees and shrubs that require regular pruning to stay healthy. A & A Landscaping Services takes pride in our knowledge and dependability in executing superior lawn care services throughout the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta area.

Gardening Shears


Lawn fertilization has one of the most dramatic impacts on color and lawn health. However, lawn fertilization products and routines can be difficult to navigate. Proper lawn fertilization will take your lawn's grass species, soil quality, and local growing conditions into consideration. Every commercial and residential lawn may have different fertilization product and scheduling needs.

A & A Landscaping services treats every lawn according to its own unique needs. Our fertilization experts specialize in fertilizing a wide range of grass species, and our professionals can easily customize a fertilization plan to optimize your lawn's color and growth. A & A Landscaping Services uses only the best materials and fertilization equipment to ensure the healthiest residential and commercial lawns. Landscapers at A & A Landscaping Services personally treat every lawn with the passion and level of care that they would with their own.

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